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Mark Scott Spatny 

Visual Effects Supervisor and Photographer

Scott Smith, EP / Showrunner


"I had the good fortune to work with Mark on The Peripheral. I was repetitively astonished by his creativity. flexibility, and sheer endurance as we went about creating two very different worlds for our show…both far-future London, and near-future North Carolina. We had an aggressive schedule, and we rather cruelly threw quite a few last minute changes and additions onto our VFX team. Mark handled our chaos with consistent calm and patience, and he never appeared to tire of explaining how the process worked to me—what could be accomplished with the available time and money, and what couldn’t. He’s also a talented photographer in his free time…and you can sense this in his work. He has an artist’s eye, and it was invaluable."

Crystal Whelan, Post Producer 


"I really enjoyed collaborating with Mark. Not only does Mark offer tremendous expertise as both a VFX Supervisor and Producer, he's also a great problem solver and team leader. Our season was incredibly challenging with a high VFX shot count and many high concept shots, but Mark always managed to roll with frequent cut changes and the ever-growing volume of VFX without ever breaking a sweat. Mark is talented, creative, levelheaded, reliable, and 100% committed to the craft."

Lori Motyer, Post Producer 


"Mark Spatny and I have worked together on well over a hundred episodes of television, most all of them challenging and VFX intensive. I've known him to be a dedicated partner to both production and post. He's a valued problem solver who brings years of experience to the set. Most important to those in my position, Mark has been an effective communicator. From pre-production through to final delivery we continually exchange our respective shifting needs and discuss the best approaches for completion and integration of the final VFX. I have complete confidence in his sense of professional responsibility and management as a VFX Supervisor."

Ron Herbst, CG Supervisor 


"I had the great pleasure of working with Mark on ambitious VFX sequences for three shows. Mark's standard of quality is high, and it clearly comes as the result of decades of delivering excellent work. He is well prepared with careful and consistent description of any look he is trying to achieve. He never leaves for a shoot unprepared, and the material he brings back from set is always top-notch. And the respect and advocacy he shows toward the artists is a much-appreciated factor in fostering the team's sane and timely completion of quality work. I hope to have many more opportunities with Mark."

Stuart Bass, Emmy Winning Editor, 

Former TV Academy Governor

"I have been working with Mark since going back to the 90's. I have always appreciated his exacting geeky scientific nature balanced by artistic temperament.

For the last few years we have served together on the Board of Governor's at the TV academy. Mark has made a great representative for the Visual Effects Peer Group. Always good to have him in the room to help guide fiduciary, policy and marketing decisions as we steer the course of the Academy."