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Mark Scott Spatny 

Visual Effects Supervisor and Photographer

One of my greatest strengths as a VFX Supervisor is my ability to adapt to any genre, budget, or schedule. Whether you have a big-budget VFX driven streaming show, an independent feature, a network drama, whether it is sci-fi, superheroes, or just photo-real set extensions, I'll help you focus your visual effects work to give you the best visuals possible for your production's needs and resources.

You can see the wide range of my work in my overall VFX Supervising Showreel. Or watch the VFX Case Studies below that for a deeper dive into how I managed 3 very different VFX challenges.

VFX Supervising Sho​wreel

CASE STUDY: THE PERIPHERAL - From Concept Art to Final VFX

Here's a breakdown showing how the final visual effects for THE PERIPHERAL evolved from the original pre-production concept art.

I worked on this show for 18 months as Co-VFX Supervisor / Producer. I managed 2,500 shots split over 16 partner VFX companies, a 10 person on-set crew split between 3 cities in 2 countries, and a 9 person post VFX team working in a hybrid remote / office workflow. It was a truly massive undertaking involving hundreds of VFX artists around the world. 

In this production, we used every high tech trick in the book, from virtual production to deep fakes to AI enhanced imagery. Please enjoy this sneak peek at some of my favorite VFX.

CASE STUDY: STATION 19 "Into the Wildfire"

I'm a Red Cross Disaster Volunteer who has managed evacuation shelters during local wildfires, so you can understand that I'm a HUGE fan of our local firefighters.

When the opportunity came to depict a Southern California wildfire burning down an entire neighborhood for the ABC drama STATION 19, I wanted to make sure it was an accurate depiction given a broadcast TV budget and schedule. I researched hundreds of photos and hours of video of brush fires and burning houses, particularly of the Camp Fire that destroyed Paradise, CA.

The 56 wildfire shots for this season finale were turned around in 3 weeks, thanks to very careful advanced planning and solid direction to the artists for each shot right from the start.

CASE STUDY: PURE GENIUS - Surgical Robots and Graphics

For the CBS drama PURE GENIUS, my team was tasked with designing and creating surgical robots, medical record keeping graphics, and a consistent hospital computer operating system that would be seen throughout the series.

To get this right, I did internet research, consulted with doctors, and attended a  medical conference where I could speak with designers of medical software and vendors providing the latest hardware  for telemedicine and VR medical training. The VFX team then worked with Phil Aupperle, one of the nation's leading creative directors for on-screen graphics, to put that knowledge to use in our own "TV" version combining the best of everything we learned.

You can see the results in this short video.